ArtTech aims to engage the viewer with emerging treatment technologies that might challenge the ethical boundaries of our current time. These advanced types of machinery, Brain-Machine-Interface (BCI), tend to improve the life quality of many patients whose lives are restricted by their impairments. If properly planned and executed, this could lead to the clearance of a long-lasting disease in a matter of seconds. As absurd as it sounds, this remains to be a great selling point to get the public's attention. The worrying part, however, is that these advances are yet fairly unknown to the public. Good or bad, the question remains to be, how to bridge the gap between society's common sense and what such technologies might have to offer? 



Somehow, we got along with the elephant in the room…Recognizing each other with covered faces has become a daily practice …. ordering from behind plexiglass feels just the right thing to do. It is just a curious thought … obviously, I keep the tapes on … just wondering for how long!


8 works presnted @ Sedan Café, Freiburg

Dec.2020- Mar.2021


In this collection, the focus was inspired by the word "Ergon" in Latin meaning that, every presence can be identified by an assigned function.

I used this hint to express my understanding of the word "AUF:GABE" provided in two works:


- first, in "It's not about you", where the medium is language and the act of art, is an essential relation between two (perhaps misunderstood) concepts that metaphorically can be seen as a relevant social conflict. 

- and in "Unless you make it", where the idea was to provide an impulsive representation of the word 'ergon' and how it does interact with each of the used elements used in this work.

2 works presnted @DELPHI-space, Freiburg, Aug.2020



A development, a process, a familiar feeling. It happens every time we are exposed to a new experience, a new situation. Sometimes, it might be less or more drastic, nevertheless, we would go through development in a way or another.

9 works presnted @ Café POW, Freiburg, Aug.2020