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MIND-ART- TECHNOLOGY is an interdisciplinary exhibition on the topic of neuotechnology and mental health. As the focal point of the exhibition, MIND represents the public and its perception of mental health as well as the state of imbalance in the case of a mental disorder. TECHNOLOGY, on the other hand, refers to man-made devices of high complexity that serve to help the user with the promise of a better quality of life. These tools, however, have advanced far beyond the understanding of the general public and are perceived as somewhat mysterious and unknown.

In particular, this becomes more evident when it concerns technologies which come in direct contact with the human brain with the ability to impact our mental states. Brain implant is a great example of such critical tools which neither are widely known nor quite understood by the public. Through an interdisciplinary effort, this exhibition strives to bring awareness to this topic and to trigger a dialogue. Inspired by own research in the field of neuroscience and neurotechnology, the artists explore this topic from two perspectives. ARABALI's work focuses on the mind as a physical presence by embodying the brain as a dynamic organ experiencing rapidly changing states. His video installation attempts to capture the brain’s dynamic nature while his large-scale paintings are a balancing force that serves to stabilise the exhibition space. ASHOURI’s cross-disciplinary work, on the other hand, questions the challenges and ethical concerns presented by new technologies. In particular, he dives into the societal acceptance of technologies that could revolutionise medical treatments and mental health, while opening a Pandora's box of possible unintended consequences. The presented works are a combination of interpretations as well as transformative collages of actual brain signals collected during preclinical studies. As a part of exhibition - a panel discussion on 11.07.2023, 18:00-21:00 ​ Invited speakers: Prof. Dr. Thomas Stieglitz (Neurotechnology), Dr. Phillip Kellymeyr (Neuroethics), Kerstin Steiger-Merx (Public relation) Host and organizer: Danesh Ashouri Support from: Nexsus Experiments / Location: Innovation Freiburg

Concept and curation:  Danesh Ashouri

Artists: Danial Arabali, Danesh Ashouri

Exhibition period: 28.06.-15.07.2023

Freiburg Innovation Center, FWTM Freiburg, Unterlinden 9

The performance AKTNACKTKUSS

is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the artist Cristina Ohlmer and the choreographer Julia Klockow, Danesh Ashouri and Danial Arabali. The work edges between visual and performing arts and deals with the performative and social potential of the human body in relation to the motif "painter & model" and its imaging function for art in the context of history of art and museums. Inspired by "The Kiss" by Rodin, here, the artists to explore content such as artist/model, body/physicality, observation/compassion. The artists portray the kiss as a changeable phenomenon, while in an evolving performance models explore movement sequences and challenge the artistic process of creating an artwork.

Concept: Julia   Klockow, Danesh Ashouri, Danial Arabali

Performers:       Danial Arabali, Danesh Ashouri, Eleonora Godwin, Julia Klockow, Zina Vaessen

Space/Installation: Cristina Ohlmer

Sound collage outside performance times: Stefan Reisinger


The research for the performances was supported by the Regierungspräsidium Freiburg and the City of Freiburg. A part of 'Bis die Bude Brummt' Exhibition series in the Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 

bis die Bude brummt 11. Juli - 16. Juli 2023

at Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg

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cover- fading lovingly_edited.jpg


Georges Braque said: "Art is meant to disturb. Science reassures".


This exhibition, which brings together more than 10 neuroscientific artists and more than 18 works, is a unique opportunity for the public to gain a better understanding of brain sciences and to meet minds in between disciplines. 

Here, the researchers expose themselves through the prism of neuroscience and art. An atypical association that questions science and creativity. A somewhat antinomic duo for a researcher, the scientific approach being synonymous of rigour and method, whereas art leaves plenty of room for imagination and fantasy. The artists share here their impression of mental and movement disorders, seen as a state of imbalance. The state of imbalance refers to the inability of maintaining  a peaceful mind due to mental or movement conditions. In the shown selection from the ArtTech Series, the artist attempts to redefine the perception of the viewer of diseases, showing them as another state of being instead of focusing on the associated disabilities.

Exhibition period: 24.02.-14.03-2023

Ritsch-Fisch Gallery Strasbourg, France

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cover- fading lovingly_edited.jpg

AKT Inspired by the meditative posture during nude standing and the anatomical, non-judgemental gaze of the artists cultivated in the nude class, the performance shares this experiential space in a performative setting. Visitors can witness the action, observe the sculptural poses and at the same time see what the draughtsmen are capturing on paper. Anyone who wants to spontaneously join in the drawing is cordially invited to do so.

Concept: Kai Brügge & Julia Klockow
Performers: Danesh Ashouri, Kai Brügge, Julia Klockow, Danial Arabali, Melanie Anna Seeger, Loreto Valenzuela

Dauer: 1 h

Foto: Roman Pawlowski

Performance date: 17.01.2022

As a part of performing Monday program at GVBK art space



Somehow, we got along with the elephant in the room…Recognizing each other with covered faces has become a daily practice …. ordering from behind plexiglass feels just the right thing to do. It is just a curious thought … obviously, I keep the tapes on … just wondering for how long!

The event was planned to be shown in the cafe (starting on 11th December) with all the hygiene recommendations. Yet, The Pandemic was right there and could not be generously ignored. On 11th December the new lockdown was announced and SEDANCAFE had to close like many other small businesses. This made my exhibition a solo performance for no audience. Still going on but behind closed doors. The elephant in the room became the elephant stuck in the room. The spirit of artwork on the other hand cannot be kept within walls, so I took a chance to spread the word and show the work online. Over the course of six days, the presented work will be posted online on a daily basis. Every day at 11:45 am sharp, a new artwork should be expected.

Exhibition period: 10.12.2020- 01.03.2021

@SEDANSTR 9, Freiburg, Germany

AUF GABE- Delphi space.JPG


In this collection, the focus was inspired by the word "Ergon" in Latin meaning that, every presence can be identified by an assigned function.

I used this hint to express my understanding of the word "AUF:GABE" provided in two works:


- first, in "It's not about you", where the medium is language and the act of art, is an essential relation between two (perhaps misunderstood) concepts that metaphorically can be seen as a relevant social conflict. 

- and in "Unless you make it", where the idea was to provide an impulsive representation of the word 'ergon' and how it does interact with each of the used elements used in this work.

Works presented @DELPHI-space,

Freiburg, Aug.2020



A development, a process, a familiar feeling. It happens every time we are exposed to a new experience, a new situation. Sometimes, it might be less or more drastic, nevertheless, we would go through development in a way or another.

Exhibition period: August 2018

GRÜNHOF Freiburg

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