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 Danesh ASHOURI 

Highlighted projects

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From the ArtTech series-  a conceptual framework that engages the viewer with the ambiguous idea of the future and how technology will infiltrate the fabric of our lives. In particular, how technology is going to affect the way in which we identify and perceive the self, and the extent to which it is going to reshape mental health. Specifically, how man-made devices of high complexity can improve users' quality of life. Here, ART strives to be the common language, tending to bring the anonymous worlds together and help the layman to understand. The works on display are a combination of metaphorical interpretations and transformative collages of technologies and real brain signals from clinical or pre-clinical studies.



 EXHIBITION, July 2023 


Freiburg, Germany


Photo credit: Roman Pawlowski

 AKTNAKTKUSS, July 2023 

 Performance-Room installation 

 With Cristina Ohlmer,

Julia Klockow, Danial Arabali  

 for Bis die Bude Brummt 

 Museum für Neue Kunst, Freiburg 


AKTNACKTNUSS series -The work edges between visual and performing arts and deals with the performative and social potential of the human body in relation to the motif "painter & model" and its imaging function for art in the context of history of art and museums. Inspired by "The Kiss" by Rodin, here, the artists to explore content such as artist/model, body/physicality, observation/compassion. The artists portray the kiss as a changeable phenomenon, while in an evolving performance models explore movement sequences and challenge the artistic process of creating an artwork.

Memories From Above- ASHOURI_edited_edited.jpg

FROM ABOVE  series - When the lines disappear, values become arbitrary and relative. Colours and shapes become loose and free. Boundaries can be forgotten and memories seem to be a familiar feeling of the past. The works in this series look at the world from a perspective of purity, where borders and boundaries of any kind are worthless. 


 FROM ABOVE, 2022 

 Work in Progress 


equal opportunities_edited.jpg

EQUAL OPPURTUNITY series -focuses on topic of diversity.


Being new at a place and trying to find roots in a new society is something we all go through, regardless of our differences. However, what we get in order to achieve our goals is often influenced by the opportunities that are presented to us.  These opportunities, however, can suffer from unnoticed biases and prejudices that challenge the idea of equal chances in a diverse population.



 Work in Progress 


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