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Brain Awareness week

Project description -  Brain Awareness Week takes place every year from 12th to 18th March - a worldwide initiative of the DANA FOUNDATION aiming at directing the interest of the public to current topics in the neurosciences and related disciplines.

Also, Nexus Experiments took part in 2018. In cooperation with the Chair of Biomedical Microtechnology at the Technical Faculty of the University of Freiburg. We posted some time-lapse images on Instagram over five days. The videos illustrate one of the core topics of research at BrainLinks-BrainTools: How can neurotechnology help people suffering from neurological or psychiatric diseases? And which ethical and social questions are connected with the use of neurotechnology?

Technical illustrations: Danesh Ashouri 

Ethical discussion: Andreas Schönau and Tony Franzky

Comic-workshop for students

An event orbanized by  Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck (University of Freiburg, Cluster of Excellence “BrainLinks-BrainTools”) and Philipp Schrögel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Department for Science Communication). In two different projects in Germany, one hosted by the organization “Science in Dialogue” (Wissenschaft im Dialog), the other by the University of Freiburg, we implemented an approach that uses comics as an expressive tool to engage youth in a dialogue about science and technology, and their societal implications. While both workshops have been conducted independently, each had the same assessment and expectations on comic workshops as a method to engage youth.

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